Friday, March 30, 2012

The Mile Markers Keep Whizzing Past

Those of us in the business don't need reminders, but the disruption of the media industry by digital technology rolls on unabated even after a decade or more of churn. And the rate of change just keeps accelerating as legacy media firms remain in a perpetual struggle to keep their footing.

So just for the record, a couple more mile markers whizzed by this week:

Online streaming will surpass DVD's in movie consumption this year, but like the print vs. web advertising shift, at much smaller revenues.

Bloomberg's BusinessWeek reported on March 21st that Apple's iPad outsold Hewlett-Packard PC's in the fourth quarter of 2011. HP is the world's number one maker of Wintel PCs and BusinessWeek notes that if you consider the iPad a PC subsitute then " the biggest PC maker in the world."

And while these latest developments are not immediately related to the graph below, the broader wake of this creative destruction certainly tells stories like those cited by Derek Thompson recently in The Atlantic. (As tough as these revenue numbers are the circulation figures are equally gruesome as Thompson notes.)

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