Tuesday, August 31, 2010

e.Republic Moving to Cloud Based Technologies

The July/August cover story of Folio magazine is about the increasing use of cloud based technologies in the publishing field and does a good job outlining various steps we have taken at e.Republic to move to an entire set of "Software as a Service" (SaaS) type applications for much of our technology infrastructure.

In this day and age a publishing firm's technology platform is a central to its overall business strategy and while any technology solution has tradeoffs we've been pleased with how this deployment has worked for us since we began this overhaul of our tech platforms two years ago.

The products we use include Clickability for content management, Eloqua for marketing automation and Salesforce for a whole range of apps including sales and customer relationship management as well subscription and event registration management.

The Folio article details some of the tangible benefits we've seen from this migration. Bottom line, it has allowed us to focus on using our technology to effectively meet business objectives as opposed to supporting an increasingly expanding IT shop.