Monday, January 4, 2010

Media Predictions for 2010

Shortly before Holidays Folio ran a collection of predictions for the magazine and media business in 2010. Contributed by a slew folks in the industry the comments are all over the map and worth a look.

Clearly the media business will continue to be driven by dynamics that demand companies undertake substantial change if they are going to win going forward. As I note in the Folio piece, publishers will see increased competition for audience attention from new sources that are springing up with accelerating frequency on the web and are amplified by the growth of apps like Twitter and Ning and increasingly versatile and ubiquitous mobile technologies.

More and more competition for readers and members of our "communities" are coming from non traditional sources and upping the pressure on publishers to re-think what's truly unique and important about their businesses. Also,while money is tight for most of us these days, this is time when its critical to invest in technology, content and intelligent new media programs that provide the strategic platforms and initiatives that position our companies for future success.